Icefree Sapphire Water Heating

Water Heaters

We manufacture water heaters for the dairy industry. These are to supply hot water when required for the purpose of cleaning the milking equipment. The heater operates on 3 phase or single phase depending on the size of the heating element for the size of water heater, the water heater is controlled by 2 time clocks, 1 for the water fill and 1 for the heating element.

The water tank is manufactured from 1.2 mm stainless steel and the outer wrap is manufactured from .7 mm stainless steel. The water heater is fitted to a galvanised box section frame to make it free standing

We manufacture in sizes of 75 – 150 – 200 – 300 – 450 – 700 – 800 & 900 litres capacity

Linseed Boilers

We manufacture Linseed boilers for the race horse and equestrian market. There are 2 sizes 23 litre 4 kva loading, 43 litre 6 kva loading.

The heater is controlled by a time clock and thermostat to enable you switch the heater on at a convenient time if there is no operatives on site. They are also fitted with an over ride switch to bypass the time clock if required.

They are manufactured with a stainless steel with a sloping base to aid the linseed mix to be dispensed.

We also manufacture a Stable boy heater to cook the linseed in a steel bucket if a smaller amount is required this is controlled by a simmer stat. And supplied with a extendable cable with a 13amp plug.